Monday, October 20, 2008


Eli has officially lost his first tooth.

I know this only because Johnny went and had lunch with him at school. No, Johnny was not there when the tooth came out. The tooth came out while the class was sitting on the carpet for circle time, or whatever they do. Johnny said he thinks it was a big deal for the class. Something about they made him a necklace or something. I will find out more after I wait in the pick up line for an hour to get him from school.

Yes, I am ticked off. I have been waiting for that tooth to come out. It was loose for 3 weeks. I have tried and tried to get Eli to pull it out. Of course he wanted none of that. I have spent all these years being a stay at home Mom so I would not miss any these special events in my kids life's. This was his first tooth to come out. There will not be another first.

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