Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't ya Hate it When...

When you made the decision to be a stay at home Mom because 1- you have separation anxiety. Not the kid, the Mom, I can't stand to leave my children under someone else's watch. 2- you don't want to miss anything. Then you take your kid to school and he looses his first tooth without you. I missed a milestone. All because he had to go to Kindergarten.

Yesterday my 5 year old was at school having circle time. Please note that he has had a loose tooth for about 3 weeks. This is his first loose tooth EVER. I have politely begged him to try and get the tooth out while at home and I was with him. But he politely said no and I let it be. I just knew the tooth would come out at home. Low and behold he was at school yesterday and the thing fell out while he was sitting at circle time with his class. Now, I was heart broken. I was wanting to be there. To top things off...I was the last one to find out that the tooth had come out. The LAST ONE!! I was HOT (at no one, just HOT) to say the least. But when I was picking him up for school he looked so cute. The teacher had given him a tooth necklace (the tooth opens up to hold the lost tooth) and a sticker announcing the occasion. They made a HUGE deal about it at school and he was happy as can be. He went on to tell me that he was the only one in his class to ever loose a tooth at school. SO...I guess it all worked out. Maybe I will be with him when the next one falls out.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Minus one...

Here are some picture's of the toothless wonder...

Here he is getting in the truck. Notice the tooth necklace (tooth is inside) and the I Lost a Tooth sticker.
A little better shot of the hole and the necklace and sticker.
Close ups are always blurry.

Missing a tooth!!!


Eli has officially lost his first tooth.

I know this only because Johnny went and had lunch with him at school. No, Johnny was not there when the tooth came out. The tooth came out while the class was sitting on the carpet for circle time, or whatever they do. Johnny said he thinks it was a big deal for the class. Something about they made him a necklace or something. I will find out more after I wait in the pick up line for an hour to get him from school.

Yes, I am ticked off. I have been waiting for that tooth to come out. It was loose for 3 weeks. I have tried and tried to get Eli to pull it out. Of course he wanted none of that. I have spent all these years being a stay at home Mom so I would not miss any these special events in my kids life's. This was his first tooth to come out. There will not be another first.

Friday, October 10, 2008

HAPPY At Nonna's

I had to share this picture. It is just that good.

Here are some reason why it is a good picture...

1- They are both IN the picture.
2- They are not hurting one another.
3- They are both looking in the same direction.
4- They are both pretty clean.
5- They both have on decent outfits.
7- They are both HAPPY!!!!


I tried to put them in the correct order so all ya'll had to do was read down. It did not work the way I intended. I wrote everything in the order in which it happened, hoping to post backwards...I will know next time to start with the last and work to the first. Just hang in there. I don't have time to redo. I barely have time to think backwards.

Still The First Day of School

Low and behold this is the pick up line and it is one hour before school lets out. All these cars are in front of me. The line went all the out off school grounds.Finally I get to pick him up. He closed the door and put seat belt on.

He seemed satisfied with his day.

Man he was tired when he got home. I asked him what he did during the day and he said, "Nothing."

E First Day III

E's cubbyloaded with his bag, pillow and rest time towel. They don't 'nap' in Kindergarten. Busy as a Bee doing his morning work. He was too afraid to look from his crayons so he borrowed some from Aaron who sits across the table from him. His teacher came to him and showed him where his stuff was located.

E with his teacher getting his lunch card

He would not say bye to me. It was like I was not even there. Not a good picture. But they are the Busy Bee's in Room 503!

E First Day of school II

Getting on the bus! Yes, I chased the bus to the school. There it is going around back to unload.

E has no clue I am standing in the hall. I wanted to make sure he made it to his class. He never saw me! He looks a little lost but the teacher pointed him in the right direction. I still can't believe I let him ride the bus the first day. He wanted to really badly. Since Southern Belle was going to be with him and she has an older brother I thought he would be fine. Sure enough he was. My nerves were still rather shot.

This is a little hard to explain. If you notice in the door there is a little reflection. That is from his backpack! You can see the back of his shoe close to the floor. He was moving so fast I could not get the picture on time. Plus I was moving too. Trying to stay out of his sight... He turned around to take his bag in his cubby. I did not care if he saw me now. He had made it on his own to class. The thing is, he did not want me there. He barely said anything to me. He went on about his business. He went straight to his seat and started his morning work. He will never say it but I think he was nervous too.

E First day of School

I can barely remember the day. It was so long ago. I do remeber that the night prior he uttered his first positive comment about Kindergarten, "I can't wait to go to school tomorrow." I recall being happy at the time that he finally said something good about starting school. Of course, then I was scared that he was going to hate it.
Since I don't have alot of memories about the days I will just post some picture's. After all, I have been told that is all you want to see.

Getting ready to head out the door with a brand new backpack!

e very proud and excited for E.

E, e & Southern Belle (also a kindergartner) Family shotBus arrives and E crosses the street to embark on his first day of school!

Yes, I followed the bus that day to school. I actually raced the bus. I wanted to get there first so I could make sure he made it to his class OK.

Too Far Behind

I am so far behind that I am feeling I will never catch up. I was going to post stuff about Big E's first day of school...but now that I have logged in, found pics and ready to go it is time to get Little E down for her nap. So I am out of luck again. I know E has been in school for over a month now. I know that e has been in preschool now for almost a whole month. I thought there would be more time but I have figured out that most of the 'free' time I was dreaming about is now spent taking them to or from these places. UNBELIEVABLE!!