Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Picture's


Little Princess E is sick. Not really sick, but sick enough that I missed Mother's Day Tea. She missed it too. It would have been our first one together. She was coughing really bad this morning and I decided it would be best not to subject others to the hacking. It was the right decision. It just hurt a little. Princess E has no idea we missed anything. I didn't have the heart to tell her. That would not have been good. Only would've made her sad. She is very sensitive. This is the little girl that when I took her to the doctor's office yesterday she told me in the parking lot she wasn't sick and didn't need to go in. I am also the Mom that didn't tell her where we were going. I just informed her we were "running errands". Oh well.

Big E earned his last feather tonight at Y-Guides. He is very proud. He recited the AIMS from memory. He is now able to attend a special camp...which is good since his Dad already paid his way and they are leaving on the 15Th. They both should have a good time.

Big E had another tooth fall out yesterday. This makes four out! Yes, it FELL out. Just like the last one. He doesn't want to PULL a tooth out. He wants it to FALL out. The third one fell out in his sleep. This last one fell out while he was walking to the living room. When a tooth is dangling in ya kid's mouth, it is not a pretty picture. I am glad it is out. I don't care how it came out. Just thankful I don't have to see it dangling there anymore.

Missed church tonight. Princess E and I stayed home. She is just not feeling good enough.

Tomorrow I get to have Mother's Day Munchies with Eli at his school. That should be interesting. Hard to wrap my head around the fact that Kindergarten is almost over. Not goign to think about that anymore.