Friday, August 15, 2008

Big E's Soccer Camp

Displaying His Team's Flag Proudly!

Getting his completion card from his coach

Getting ready for Kid's Vs. Parents in Cowboys & Indians

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Touching...AND Not Fighting

Nothing Can Make Ya Laugh?

Oh, you thought nothing could make you laugh...

Check out Big E and Little E.

They won these at Chuck E. Cheese a couple of weeks ago. What a day that was. They have not played with the glasses since.

Found these picture's and thought I would share.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Another Monday

Big E had his first day at soccer camp this morning. It is only a half day camp. (9am- 12 pm) He seemed to have a good time. He was in a group where he is the youngest. I was a little worried but from what I saw he was hanging in there. Seems like this camp is going to challenge him more. He needs the challenge.

The morning was fine. We were on time!!

After we dropped off Big E, Little E and I ran to the grocery store. Not for anything important. Mainly the staple's (coffee, Mojito's, milk, chip's) and stuff to make chicken casserole (Big E's favorite). EM had to go to the bathroom 3 times!! I am ready for the novelty to wear off. It is really back breaking work to take her to the potty.

Dinner is all prepped and in the refrigerator. All that has to be done now is put the casserole in the oven and the vegetable's in a pot on the stove. That should be easy. Maybe...

Found a nice new thing today. Downy Wrinkle Release. I remembered to buy some at the store, (it came recommended from a neighbor) and tried it while doing laundry this morning. At first I was skeptical. I sprayed and thought this will never work. I then went about folding more clothes and turned and looked at the shirt I had just done and WOW!!!!! Impressed. So I sprayed everything. Need another bottle. One for the laundry room and one for the master bedroom. Shoot, go ahead and get one for everybody closet. That way I will not have to walk. I just went to look at the shirt again and it still looks good. Not perfect. But it is better than wearing a shirt with nothing. I don't iron unless I have to. Not very good at it. I would recommend it 2 thumbs up.

Big E refuses to nap today. JOY! Em is napping now. I told him that he could do what he wanted to do as long as he did it on his own and I could not see him or hear him. Needless to say, I can see him and hear him. At least he is on his own. For the moment.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nothing Much

I have not felt good for most of the day. Hubster took the munchkins to his parents house for a day visit. That was NICE and a Huge help considering the fact that as soon as they walked out of the door I went back to bed. I had a terrible, terrible headache!! I could not go to sleep so I just laid there, with a pillow over my head. I obviously eventually fell asleep. I woke up around 12 and had a bowl of cereal. I then got ready and headed to a few shops on Main Street. Shopping was pretty good today. Lots of sales! Which it is odd for me to be shopping in a store with everything 25% sign in the window. Seems as if I am always out of town those days. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised to see the sign. Purchased EM a cute little ballet backpack, a backpack for school, me a tote/purse, EM a hairbow to match her black and pink dance leotard, oil for my fragerence lamp, and a couple of other little items that I can not say because someone(s) reading this may get it as a gift. I would share photo's of the bags but they are all getting mongrammed with the person's intials or name. As soon as they call me to pick them up I will post some pics.

Anyway, I had a free moment and was on another one of my 'interesting blog hunts'. I found this, "If your child dawdles a bit when you call them - it's okay. They're just busy exploring their world. And they need to explore their world. As long as they eventually come, let them be. Give them the gift of wonder." I liked it so I am adding it to my post so I can remember.

Kid's are clean and heading to bed. I am retiring myself. With the help of Advil PM.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

EM's First Dance Class

It was a LONG day. It was a good day. Not too many problems. It was Em's First Dance Class EVER today!!! She was looking forward to the class ALL day. I mean all day. She wore a leotard the entire day. She tried the one she was to wear to class on first thing this morning. Then I had to work my butt off to get her to take it off and put on another one that I would not mind if she got dirty. She finally agreed to put the other one on. The one she wore all day did not have a skirt so that was her big disappointment with that one. BUT it did have MORE glittery things on the top. It was also black and pink verses just pink. It was a huge deal to get her that take the leotard off that she was to wear to class. Once I succeeded, I was able to take her mind off of it and she got on with the day and was pretty happy. I, on the other hand, was bummed due to the fact that potty training is not easy with a leotard.

I knew today was going to be a monumental day. The goal was to keep her rested and happy. She was pumped to go to class. Every time her brother brought the topic up she was ready to get in the car and go. (Thanks Bro!) I was nervous about how she would do. We are on the way and we are talking in the car. I asked her if she was excited and she nodded her head. We get there and we are a few minute's early so I kept her in the truck for a little while instead of going in. When we went in the dance teacher, Ms. Ann was there and greeted us. Everything was nice and friendly bit I immediately notice EM tightening up and sticking her fingers in her mouth. (Obvious sign of uncertainty on her part) I am now a little anxious over how the next 45 minutes are going to go. Ms. Ann senses the same. She tells all the little girls in the observation room to make a 'choo choo' line to enter the studio. All the little girl's, even EM gets in line and is ready to go. EM, to my surprise, follows all the little girl's into the studio to sit on the rug and get instruction. I am looking at EM and I can tell that she is scared and is not listening to one thing that is being said. She is just sitting there with her hands in her mouth. The girl's are told to go and stand on a piece of tape on the floor. EM just sits...I am thinking that it might not get any better than this. However one of the teacher assistants comes over, takes her by the hand and leads her to a spot on the dance floor. She was willing to go. They start to show some dance steps, put on some music and EM just chews on her fingers. I am thinking that she is going to run out of the room at any moment. Again, one of the girl's shows her what to do and she does it!!! She takes her hands out of her mouth and starts to copy the teachers moves. Granted she is several steps behind the teacher but this is the first class and the first time she has ever done anything like this. She suddenly twirls and I thought, along with the Mom's around me, that I was going to have to be sat on to stop from jumping up and down. EM, still a couple of moves behind, is trying!! I am happy and proud. However it is now time to switch from tap shoe's to ballet slippers. I am thinking, "Why stop the momentum?" Anyway, she comes to me and I switch her shoe's. She jumps out of my lap and goes back in the studio. I am amazed I did not have to tell her to go, make her go, or carry her back into the room. She sits, listens and tries!! She is having a good time!! I am happy to. Anxiety gone and ready for next class.

She looked so big as she came walking back to me when the class was done. For this to be the first time she has ever been in a class setting with other kids, she did absolutely wonderful. Still hard to believe that her First Dance Class is Over. She is so little and so big all at the same time. She is also the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen!!!

Waiting in the lobby for EM's first dance class

This picture is out of order. This is EM in the car on the way to class

EM doing her stretches, like the teachers!!!! Perfection!

The girl's making a "choo, choo' to leave the studio

All the girl's

Yes, I know I should have put tight on her. All the other girl's had them on. I just could not bring myself to do it! It is so hot outside. Maybe next week.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

OK. Another step closer to Kindergarten. We have done the registration, purchased school supplies and now he has completed his Kindergarten physical. It was NOT fun. I don't know who is happier that it is over, Eli, the pediatrician's office or me! The boy hates shots! I don't blame him. I do not like them either. Every time someone gets near me with a needle I think I may pass out. Eli had to have 4 shots!! Not to forget to mention that he had to have his finger pricked AND pee in a cup. He was horrified that he had to pee in a cup. He was a wreck the whole time. He was shaking and crying. It was awful. He probably scared every kid in the place and a couple in the daycare next door.

Emma Marie on the other hand was perfectly fine. After the nurse finished with Eli she would say "mine turn." She wanted a shot!! UNBELIEVABLE!! She is still potty training. She went to potty 4 time's while we were at the doctor's office. By the way, we were only there a max of 45 minute's. Yes, she had to try to pee in a cup. I had to take her out of the room for the hearing test. I could not get her to be quiet enough. During Eli's eye exam she tried to knock him off of the sticker he was supposed to stand on so she could stand there and have a turn. Never a dull moment with the 'Little Princess'.

Home and not happy enough to smile

2 shots in each leg, 1 pricked finger

Anyway, we are home now. Picked up Happy Meals for the kid's lunch. Making spaghetti sauce for dinner and to freeze for fast meals later. (I don't like the jarred stuff too much, except for Trader Joe's, with their frozen meatballs) I have done laundry and picked up the house. I am supposed to go out with some friends to the movies tonight. FUN!!! NOT ANIMATED!! Looking forward to that. The kid's are napping now. Actually EM should be up in the next 30 minute's so I am going to go fold the clothes and see what else needs doing!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Free Day!!

At least as free as it gets around here.
Having a good time!

Good Look'n Kid's

Hubby took the kid's and a friend and his kid to the New Hope Valley Railway. I stayed home and cleaned out Eli's closet. I wanted to go but darn, it is HOT outside AND I have been "on a roll" getting some things done around the house that have needed to be done for a long time. I knew the kid's would have a great time and the guilt of not going quickly disappeared as I dove deeper and deeper into Eli's clothes that have totally been worn out. So, it is a good thing he has outgrown them!! I actually enjoyed myself. Not that the task was fun, but the sense of accomplishment was nice and a little strange. They were not gone very long. But it was long enough.

Now I am going to try and post picture's!! I have a friend who does it in her blog, so I am going to try it!! OK, got the picture's on the page. BUT, can't get the writing on top, picture's on the bottom. I tried to cut and paste. That did not work. Figures. Can't give it anymore time right now.

Friday, August 1, 2008