Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't ya Hate it When...

When you made the decision to be a stay at home Mom because 1- you have separation anxiety. Not the kid, the Mom, I can't stand to leave my children under someone else's watch. 2- you don't want to miss anything. Then you take your kid to school and he looses his first tooth without you. I missed a milestone. All because he had to go to Kindergarten.

Yesterday my 5 year old was at school having circle time. Please note that he has had a loose tooth for about 3 weeks. This is his first loose tooth EVER. I have politely begged him to try and get the tooth out while at home and I was with him. But he politely said no and I let it be. I just knew the tooth would come out at home. Low and behold he was at school yesterday and the thing fell out while he was sitting at circle time with his class. Now, I was heart broken. I was wanting to be there. To top things off...I was the last one to find out that the tooth had come out. The LAST ONE!! I was HOT (at no one, just HOT) to say the least. But when I was picking him up for school he looked so cute. The teacher had given him a tooth necklace (the tooth opens up to hold the lost tooth) and a sticker announcing the occasion. They made a HUGE deal about it at school and he was happy as can be. He went on to tell me that he was the only one in his class to ever loose a tooth at school. SO...I guess it all worked out. Maybe I will be with him when the next one falls out.

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Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

WoW...I bet he felt like a king for the day!!! I hate teeth falling out on anyone...so my son like to wiggle it around in front of me to make me squirm! lol!