Friday, October 10, 2008

E First day of School

I can barely remember the day. It was so long ago. I do remeber that the night prior he uttered his first positive comment about Kindergarten, "I can't wait to go to school tomorrow." I recall being happy at the time that he finally said something good about starting school. Of course, then I was scared that he was going to hate it.
Since I don't have alot of memories about the days I will just post some picture's. After all, I have been told that is all you want to see.

Getting ready to head out the door with a brand new backpack!

e very proud and excited for E.

E, e & Southern Belle (also a kindergartner) Family shotBus arrives and E crosses the street to embark on his first day of school!

Yes, I followed the bus that day to school. I actually raced the bus. I wanted to get there first so I could make sure he made it to his class OK.

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