Friday, October 10, 2008

E First Day of school II

Getting on the bus! Yes, I chased the bus to the school. There it is going around back to unload.

E has no clue I am standing in the hall. I wanted to make sure he made it to his class. He never saw me! He looks a little lost but the teacher pointed him in the right direction. I still can't believe I let him ride the bus the first day. He wanted to really badly. Since Southern Belle was going to be with him and she has an older brother I thought he would be fine. Sure enough he was. My nerves were still rather shot.

This is a little hard to explain. If you notice in the door there is a little reflection. That is from his backpack! You can see the back of his shoe close to the floor. He was moving so fast I could not get the picture on time. Plus I was moving too. Trying to stay out of his sight... He turned around to take his bag in his cubby. I did not care if he saw me now. He had made it on his own to class. The thing is, he did not want me there. He barely said anything to me. He went on about his business. He went straight to his seat and started his morning work. He will never say it but I think he was nervous too.

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