Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

OK. Another step closer to Kindergarten. We have done the registration, purchased school supplies and now he has completed his Kindergarten physical. It was NOT fun. I don't know who is happier that it is over, Eli, the pediatrician's office or me! The boy hates shots! I don't blame him. I do not like them either. Every time someone gets near me with a needle I think I may pass out. Eli had to have 4 shots!! Not to forget to mention that he had to have his finger pricked AND pee in a cup. He was horrified that he had to pee in a cup. He was a wreck the whole time. He was shaking and crying. It was awful. He probably scared every kid in the place and a couple in the daycare next door.

Emma Marie on the other hand was perfectly fine. After the nurse finished with Eli she would say "mine turn." She wanted a shot!! UNBELIEVABLE!! She is still potty training. She went to potty 4 time's while we were at the doctor's office. By the way, we were only there a max of 45 minute's. Yes, she had to try to pee in a cup. I had to take her out of the room for the hearing test. I could not get her to be quiet enough. During Eli's eye exam she tried to knock him off of the sticker he was supposed to stand on so she could stand there and have a turn. Never a dull moment with the 'Little Princess'.

Home and not happy enough to smile

2 shots in each leg, 1 pricked finger

Anyway, we are home now. Picked up Happy Meals for the kid's lunch. Making spaghetti sauce for dinner and to freeze for fast meals later. (I don't like the jarred stuff too much, except for Trader Joe's, with their frozen meatballs) I have done laundry and picked up the house. I am supposed to go out with some friends to the movies tonight. FUN!!! NOT ANIMATED!! Looking forward to that. The kid's are napping now. Actually EM should be up in the next 30 minute's so I am going to go fold the clothes and see what else needs doing!!


primacyone said...

Good Stuff!

That Emma Marie is just like her mom - going to the bathroom 4 times in 45 minutes?


primacyone said...


Translation: It Hurt BAAAAADDDDD!


Nonna said...

Poor baby. Just the price you have to pay for growing up so fast. But you are OK now. You survived. It is just one more of the many things you will have to do in your life that you wished you did not have to do. You might as well embrace it and consider "entree seasoning".