Sunday, August 3, 2008

Free Day!!

At least as free as it gets around here.
Having a good time!

Good Look'n Kid's

Hubby took the kid's and a friend and his kid to the New Hope Valley Railway. I stayed home and cleaned out Eli's closet. I wanted to go but darn, it is HOT outside AND I have been "on a roll" getting some things done around the house that have needed to be done for a long time. I knew the kid's would have a great time and the guilt of not going quickly disappeared as I dove deeper and deeper into Eli's clothes that have totally been worn out. So, it is a good thing he has outgrown them!! I actually enjoyed myself. Not that the task was fun, but the sense of accomplishment was nice and a little strange. They were not gone very long. But it was long enough.

Now I am going to try and post picture's!! I have a friend who does it in her blog, so I am going to try it!! OK, got the picture's on the page. BUT, can't get the writing on top, picture's on the bottom. I tried to cut and paste. That did not work. Figures. Can't give it anymore time right now.

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primacyone said...

Congrats on getting the photos uploaded.

Whats for dinner?