Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well, today did not go as planned. Then again, does the day ever go as planned? Everything went smoothly getting ready for school. Not ever a problem there. Found out that it was going to be HOT, so I had to head out after the bus came and water all the plants/trees in the backyard. Need those to survive. Don’t want to have to spend any vacation funds to replace. After that I had to deal with Princess EM’s ‘skeeter’ bites. That was funny. It really was. Looks like she has my gene when it comes to attracting the things. I swear tree farmer can stand in a swam of the things and not get a single bite. I (and now Princess) can go out for half a second and be covered with itchy whelps. Once that was done I found out that Tree Farmer could not go and eat lunch with Big E because of “an important” phone call. That would normally be fine except this time Big E was counting on him to be there. They had discussed prior tot he bus stop this morning. Can’t let Big E be disappointed. I know that would be the first thing out of his mouth as he gets into the car this afternoon at pick up. So, I switch gears and get Princess all ready to go and eat lunch at big school with brother. She was excited to say the least. She had to change her shirts. She wanted to be stylin for the big kids. Can’t say that I blame her on that one. We did a few things around the house and then we headed over to the school.

Princess loved it! Big E did not mind her there. All his classmates gave him attention because his sis was so cute. He was a little disappointed at first that Dad was not coming but once all his friends started asking him questions about his little sis, he did not seem to mind that it was Mom with him instead.

It was a good day to eat at the cafeteria. Chicken tenders, mashed taters, orange slices, salad, roll and 100% fruit pop. I took both kid’s some sweet tea from home. Big E, who did not eat breakfast, ate his lunch and part of the Princess’. He was starving. He was happy too. He had to sit beside her and helped her with everything.

Wish they got along that good all the time.

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Kat said...

Never seems to go as planned for me either :)