Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Boy's will be Boy's

Kid's were out of school all day today. It was kinda nice. We stayed home. I figured everyone else would be out and about. I invited some friends to come over. Baked a frozen pizza for lunch and forced the kid's to play outside. Even put the Fisher-Price tent in the backyard to help lure the kid's to stay out and play. The trampoline was put to some use. I can not say good use...but use.

The saying, "Boys will be boys", is a saying that I do not care for. I don't know if a trampoline represents a boxing ring to all boys or just to the one's that come over and visit us. I am including my own Big E. {I do not want anyone to think that I am excluding him from this occurrence. He is just as bad as any of them. No one is worse than the other. I am placing no order whatsoever on any of these boys. I really like all of them. Yes, I feel as if I have to cover my butt as to not 'offend' anyone. Of course, neither one of the Moms involved are naive to their offspring's actions. Nor are they overly sensitive. Neither one of them have time to be. That makes it all good. Big E and Juicy Fruit were outside on the trampoline and they were having an OK time. They were jumping a little but yes, they were doing wrestling, power ranger, ninja moves...making contact. They had to be called down several times and told to separate. We asked them to jump because that was what the trampoline was for. Then another kid, Jones, came over and I thought it was nice. They were getting alone pretty good and it is nice to have new folks around to keep things interesting for Big E. He had already been playing with Juicy for a couple of hours. I had to come inside with Princess E and tend to her and warm up. Ms. CatBird (Juicy Fruits Mom) came in to. We just knew the boys would be fine. They are old enough... When we went back out I saw Big E pulling on Jones shirt. He had the arm. The shirt was stretching. This act to me, is like finger nails on a chalk board. I hate stretched out shirts. Yes, hate is a BAD word, but dislike does not cover the disdain that boils in my blood when I see an article of clothing stretched. When I saw this going on I called him down. At which time ALL the boys start telling me that Big E, and Juicy Fruit were essentially 'ganging up' on Jones. They had their reasons. I don't really care. The matter was taken up and dealt with with both Big E and Juicy. A trampoline is made for jumping and a few tricks here and there. As long as no one is in the way of the person doing the tricking at the time. I just don't understand why this consistent rough housing goes on. Little Jones should have a) come and told me, b) gone home when all this started happening. But then again I see why a) and b) did not happen. I guess there was a little element of fun. Don't see how. Unless there is such a thing as "BOYS WILL BE BOYS."

This is a warning to Big E regarding the trampoline. They can either jump or treat it as a boxing ring. The choice is his and his friends. However, if they choose the later, the trampoline will be picked up by the garbage truck. It is a shame. Why can't they just jump? I hate to take the thing away (and I know a few other parents that don't want me to destroy the trampoline because it makes a great babysitter for them) but I will not condone/accept these actions. I hate the eyesore anyway. It is supposed to be here for the kid's to have fun.

Plus, Big E is going to learn that 'ganging' up on someone is not accepted. Neither is all this 'play fighting' going to continue. This fighting stuff is going to stop. Don't know where it came from to begin with. To have a friend and keep a friend you have to be a friend.

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