Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Rain

More rain. Haven’t seen the sun in several days now. Can’t recall if it was Wednesday or Thursday of last week. It has been a good while. Tree Farmer said that it may be Wednesday or Thursday of this week before it comes back out. Oh well. It saves me a few seconds in the morning. I skip the sunscreen on my face. I guess it also saves Tree Farmer some money too. Since I am not using that product.

Everything went smooth this morning. Surprising because it is a Monday. Seems like on Monday’s everyone is a little sluggish and can’t get dressed without a fuss. The fact that both kid’s have new shoe’s may have been the saving element. They were both eager to wear their new shoe’s to school to show friends. I think Princess E picked her outfit last night with her Daddy. Everything had to match just perfectly.

I had lunch with Big E at his school. Soup and grilled cheese sandwich. I have to say it hit the spot. I am not one of those who will not eat school cafeteria food. I don’t mind. I see it as setting a good example. I want Big E to eat at the ‘restaurant’ at least half the week. For purely selfish reason...I get tired of packing a lunch every morning. I do evaluate the school menu and pick the days I think it best for him to ‘take’. I know, for the most part, what will be OK to eat at school. I will say this. I go and eat with him often. If I am unable to go, I send Tree Farmer. Every week one of us is there at least once a week to eat with him. It is good for Big E to try some of the food. He might find he likes most of it. He is such a picky eater.

Princess E had a good day at school. She saw her teacher’s baby. (Teacher is out on maternity leave. She came by class today to show the kid’s the baby) Princess was really happy she got to see the baby. She made me tell her a story about baby S while we were rocking at nap time. I must confess that we got into a huge fight because I could not understand that she was asking for a story about Baby S. I just could not, for the life of me, translate what she was trying to say. She ended up in tears. I ended with high blood pressure. If only I could understand what she was saying. It was not registering with me at all. I should’ve known.

Meatloaf for dinner. Let me tell ya, it is not a glamourous meatloaf either. Very plain. Little effort, but a ton of thought. I was trying not to ‘fancy it up’ too much because I want the kiddos to eat a couple of bits. As I am sitting here (in car pick up line) I am realizing I forgot to take some veggies out of the freezer! Great! Thought I had dinner covered. WRONG!

Princess E has dance class tonight.

It is now pouring rain outside and cold in my truck!

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