Saturday, December 13, 2008


OK. I have been VERY worried lately. EM wants a baby doll crib for Christmas. Well, I was going to order the one from American Girl with the storage underneath, but then I found another one. It has a bigger storage cabinet underneath (which helps to make the crib taller and less likely for Big Girl EM to get inside) and is really cute. Add to that about $25 cheaper! It is also real wood. Well, I have ordered this crib 3 time's with 3 different places. A couple of days after I have placed each order I have received an email saying they were out of stock. Until while ago I had not heard anything from the company I have ordered it from this time. So, needless to say, I have been worried. I have emailed and called the company. That did not make me feel any better because when I called I never got an answer and the emails were also never answered. I really thought I had screwed up and Princess EM was going to be without a crib on Christmas Day. Low and behold! I just received an email from the company stating that my package had shipped. I took the tracking number over to UPS and it not only shipped it may be here today or Monday. I am still a little worried. After all, that is what I do. I just have a bad feeling. Hopefully I will be wrong!

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